Monday, July 2, 2007

The Twist

One of the last frames of an imaginary Comic Book, in which the main character has, on his own wedding day, unexpectedly been killed by the elusive, psychopathic, thought-to-be-dead villain he has been chasing through all the previous pages of the story. The final frame would be a low angle shot of the female killer walking down the isle towards the door in a blood soaked wedding dress...

I realized when I was walking home tonight to my empty apartment that my creativity takes different forms depending on my mood. When I am happy I use my camera to take pictures of the real world and when I feel sad or lonely I instead draw things from the strange world inside my head. I'm not sure whether this post is about the twist in the story or about my twisted mind.


  1. wow, this gives me the creeps, which is good.

    that's interesting about your mood & creativity. mine tends to be completely random, although there are certain tv shows that drive me to paint or sew even if I wasn't in the mood to begin with.

  2. Thank you! After all, delivering some kind of feeling or emotion is what drawing is all about for me (even if I'm just targeting myself).

  3. Groovie! Get it done- I want to read it!

  4. Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't have spoiled the ending for you then :P