Saturday, July 14, 2007

Discovery: Owl

On the topic of discovery, here is something I found lying around at work. I remember starting with the V-shape in frustration when things weren't going my way, The tip of the V became a birds beak and the rest of the bird started to take shape. By the time I got to the feet and the branch things were working again and i took the time to actually sketch them the way I wanted them.

This is the first image I have posted here that is actually drawn using pen and paper and then scanned. I didn't have my drawing tablet with my new laptop and no mouse so the coloring was done using the touchpad.

So... I guess i have discovered a new species, the Frustration Owl.


  1. very nice, like the painterly gloom effect

  2. OOOooo... I love the sketchy owl, the line work is so great! Looks like he just flew in from the black forest.

  3. Looks like Nicodemus. Very cool pencil work. I dig him.